TITAN DS - Debind and Sinter

Ipsen's debinding and sintering furnace, TITAN DS, upholds our reputation for quality, better performance and better features for less cost, as well as enables higher volume in-house sintering.
Debind and sinter with TITAN DS


A unique dual vacuum pump design that combines two steps - debinding and sintering - into one cycle, one furnace, without contamination of the components, furnace chamber or hot zone.
Custom debind and sinter with VFS

Vacuum Debinding and Sintering

Get the breakdown on how the VFS model VDS (Vacuum Debind/Sinter) and Ipsen TITAN DS each tackle problematic binder buildup and contaminants. The unique design of each of these furnaces deliver superior and more consistent part quality. This paper examines the benefits of these vacuum debinding and sintering technologies.
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Critical Process Parameters for MIM

By examining different factors for determining unwanted temperature gradients in MIM vacuum furnaces, we are able to evaluate the process parameters and present possible improvements by utilizing tight control and accurate design of heating elements and hot zones, as well as advanced process gas management systems, for commercial ...
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