Curved Graphite Heating Elements Optimize System Responsiveness

Our GraForm curved graphite heating elements for VFS® model vacuum furnaces represent a major breakthrough for the thermal processing industry. Because GraForm elements are considerably thinner than conventional straight graphite elements, they have a lower mass. This delivers a very responsive system with operational consistency. These high density elements, in most cases, surround the work load 360° for excellent temperature uniformity.

These are the advantages of GraForm heating elements in vacuum furnaces:

  • Considerably thinner (typically 1/8" thick) and have less mass than conventional graphite heating elements
  • Just as stable as conventional graphite heating elements
  • Able to be be installed in most vacuum furnaces with conventional circular hot zones
  • Segmented design makes repair and replacement easy and economical
  • Capable of utilizing the same power supply as provided with the existing moly elements
  • Less costly to install and easier to repair than traditional, straight-segmented graphite elements
  • Available on all horizontal VFS furnaces up to 74" element diameter