Ipsen VerticalTurbo Vacuum Furnace

The VerticalTurbo provides users with the best of both worlds: improved uniformity of large production parts during heat-up and cool down segments, and the structural design and space-saving benefits of a vertical configuration. In addition, the VerticalTurbo is unique in its ability to significantly improve heat-up and cooling time, and overall cycle times, through the use of:

  • A compact, water-cooled gas recirculation motor designed to greatly accelerate cooling rates
  • A convection assisted heating option with CFC fan for faster heating of larger loads
  • Low mass, shaped graphite heating elements for more work space clearance to heating elements
  • Simplified bottom-head lifting system to improve reliability and maintainability
  • Floor accessible utilities that minimize the need for climbing ladders

To discuss your vacuum furnace requirements, contact Mark Heninger, Director of Equipment Sales.

Download the VerticalTurbo Vacuum Furnace Brochure (PDF)