vacuum tempering low temperature furnace

Low Temperature Vacuum Furnace

Built using the innovative TITAN® platform, the TITAN LT (low temperature) vacuum furnace incorporates Ipsen's unique, flow-production process to deliver a furnace that is cost effective to produce, deliver and operate. In addition, the TITAN LT combines cleanliness and efficiency through the use of both vacuum and convection heating, allowing users to repeatedly achieve bright, clean work and fast process times.

Capable of bright aging, annealing, brazing, normalizing, stress relieving and tempering, the TITAN LT is suitable for applications in the Aerospace, Commercial Heat Treating, Medical and Tool and Die industries.

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Features and Benefits:
  • Ideal for processing a number of materials, including 17-4PH, 15-5PH, Inconel 718, Ti6Al4V, A-286, Tool Steel and High Speed Steel
  • Maintains tight temperature uniformity of ±10 °F (±5 °C) from 500 °F to 1,450 °F (260 °C to 788 °C) under vacuum
  • Provides a high-purity vacuum environment with no ceramic fiber insulation
  • Delivers reduced cycle times with convection-assisted heating and forced cooling at pressures up to 2 bar
  • Capable of meeting applicable AMS 2750F, Nadcap and MedAccred requirements
  • 10-6 Torr ultimate vacuum/diffusion pump (optional)
  • 10 Torr hydrogen partial pressure (optional)
  • 1,750 °F (954 °C) max. operating temperature (optional)

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View the Technical Paper Bright Tempering: Achieving High-Quality Appearance During Tempering.

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