Vacuum Brazing Furnace

Ipsen's vacuum alumninum brazing furnaces feature individually controlled heating elements that surround the work zone, minimizing cycle times and providing precise, uniform heating of the workload.
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Vacuum Oil or Gas Quench Furnaces (VOQ)

With either oil or inert gas quenching up to 2 bar positive pressure, the two-chamber design of the VOQ can meet your changing application needs.
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Ivadizer: Ion Vapor Deposition

Ipsen's Ivadizer uses Ion Vapor Deposition to apply a dense, high-performance coating of aluminum with superior adhesion and thickness uniformity.
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AvaC: Vacuum Carburizing with Acetylene

Vacuum Carburizing with Acetylene (AvaC) is a case hardening process exclusive to Ipsen that provides increased carbon transfer, reduced process time, and improved part quality.
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