The MetalMaster® series of multi-purpose vacuum furnaces has been the workhorse of the heat-treating industry for more than five decades. While materials and processes change, the MetalMaster continues to combine high-quality performance with proven technology that yields repeatable results. With hundreds of installations worldwide, it is at the forefront of advances in the thermal processing industry.

This multi-purpose vacuum furnace line is available in all-metal or graphite insulated hot zone packages, as well as several standard load sizes (horizontal or vertical). In addition, its technology is cost-effective, versatile and adaptable, allowing you to meet your process and application requirements with ease.


  • 2-bar gas quench
  • Excellent temperature uniformity of ±5 °F (±3 °C) or better with end element option
  • Superior pumping performance
  • Optimized cooling system design
  • Advanced controls system provides precise, user-friendly operation
  • 360° gas cooling nozzles and heating elements for precise temperature control

To discuss your vacuum furnace requirements, contact Mark Heninger, Director of Equipment Sales.

Download the MetalMaster Brochure (PDF)