Custom-Engineered Vacuum Thermal Processing Systems

For 65 years, Ipsen has been turning dreams into realities by engineering advanced, custom thermal processing systems for everything from simple tools to giant wind turbine gears. From the modular-built TITAN® vacuum furnace to TurboTreater®, the backbone of Ipsen's standard product line, to specialized furnaces that perform carburizing, vacuum aluminum deposition, brazing and other processes, Ipsen is the company that savvy heat treaters trust when they need to get the job done right.

If your process requires a specialized heat treating solution, Ipsen's world-class engineering team has the experience and the resources to design and deliver a custom-engineered system built around your unique application. The Ipsen team has developed custom-engineered vacuum furnaces that include acetylene-based vacuum carburizing (AvaC®), solution nitriding (SolNit®), aluminum deposition and brazing.

Count on Ipsen to keep your vacuum furnace systems operating in peak condition.

From the moment your new system is delivered, the Ipsen Support Team stands ready to facilitate on-site installation, expert training and start-up assistance. Beyond the installation phase, Ipsen is there for you with responsive field support, parts and training to help you improve your process. Ipsen maintains a national fleet of service technicians to assist you wherever you are. We'll even provide remote monitoring and troubleshooting if you need it.

To discuss your vacuum furnace requirements, contact Mark Heninger, Director of Equipment Sales.

Download the New Equipment Brochure (PDF)