ATLAS Features

Ipsen's ATLAS atmosphere furnace line delivers precision and versatility through intelligent interfaces, advanced controls and ease of integration. In addition, the use of innovative technologies provides equipment that is intuitive, efficient and easy to operate.

System Integration

Ipsen's components are configured for maximum compatibility for both the single- and double-chain ATLAS models.

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In addition, the ATLAS single-chain model utilizes the same push-pull chain loader as the industry standard, allowing it to integrate into existing lines for any brand of atmosphere furnace with ease.*

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Energy Efficiency

Ipsen's Recon® III Burners increase thermal efficiency up to 75% – simply by utilizing the heat from the exhaust gases to preheat the combustion air. These burners are paired with single-ended radiant tubes (SERT) that are fitted with special ceramic inner tubes and set apart by their low noise levels, high durability, low maintenance and easy installation. This allows them to provide ideal heating while also optimizing gas consumption and achieving maximum energy efficiency.

Exceptional Performance

Ipsen's oil-quenching systems reduce distortion, improve the properties of steel and consistently achieve uniform surface and core hardening. These systems feature a variable-speed agitation system that produces a uniform and adjustable flow of oil throughout the load and allows the oil flow to be adjusted based on section size, material and load density. They can also tackle even the most challenging alloys by reducing the hardness spread and increasing the overall throughput.


Carb-o-Prof software combines more than six decades of knowledge and expertise in a single controls system. Carb-o-Prof delivers an extensive recipe database, time- and cost-saving simulator with C-Profile optimization and adaptive control that ensures you get the best part quality every time. 

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Quality Insulation

The ATLAS furnace uses ceramic fiber and rigid firebricks that are extremely resilient and capable of withstanding temperatures well above the working temperature.

For more information on the ATLAS, call 1-800-727-7625 or email To discuss your atmosphere furnace requirements, contact Mark Heninger, Director of Equipment Sales.

*Compatible with most single-chain, in-out-style atmosphere furnace lines

Download the ATLAS Brochure