Ipsen ATLAS Integral Quench Batch Atmosphere Furnace

Ipsen ATLAS | Integral Quench Batch Atmosphere Furnace 

Ipsen's ATLAS atmosphere line delivers precision and versatility through intelligent interfaces, advanced controls and ease of integration. 

In addition, the use of innovative technologies, such as Carb-o-Prof®, Recon® III Burners and TurboQuench™, provides you with equipment that is intuitive, efficient and easy to operate. Available in both single- and double-chain models, the ATLAS line provides full-scale solutions for all of your heat-treating needs. 

ATLAS At-A-Glance

  • Ability to integrate into existing atmosphere furnace lines (any brand)*
  • Intelligent controls with predictive process capabilities (Carb-o-Prof)
  • Compact footprint
  • Ease of maintenance, thanks to a cartridge-design heat fan assembly, shelf-mounted quench oil heaters and oil circulation pump, safety catwalks and more
  • Efficient combustion system, which provides energy and cost savings
  • Variable speed quench agitation, allowing users to achieve and maintain better quenching control
  • Uniform quenching, resulting in minimized distortion and high part quality

Commitment to Innovation

Much like our founder, Harold Ipsen, we believe that innovation drives excellence. We are committed to delivering quality solutions for a range of applications that enable our customers to improve titanium medical implants, develop more efficient cars and jet engines and transform space exploration. With one of the largest installed bases of atmosphere furnaces, Ipsen has the experience necessary to provide customers with optimum equipment they can trust and rely on for full-scale solutions.

To discuss your atmosphere furnace requirements, contact Head of Sales Marcos Garcia, or fill out our request a quote form.

*Compatible with most single-chain, in-out-style atmosphere furnace lines