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When it comes to the mass production of components that are integrated in large, heavy-duty machines to execute critical functions, these components need to meet strict industry specifications. Keeping up with the demand and the growing list of specifications is easier when you choose Ipsen. We know the challenges you face and design equipment that allows you to achieve low cost per part, while maintaining the quality and quantity of parts you need and your customers demand.

When it comes to diverse components that are integrated into critical functions, you need the flexibility to be able to carburize, nitride and harden a wide range of parts with different materials, case depths, hardenability and geometries. Add to that the challenge of meeting strict industry specifications and you'll need a partner like Ipsen to help you find the solutions you need to deliver high-quality, repeatable results.

View the complete line of Atmosphere and Vacuum furnaces, including Pusher and Batch, to find the best solution for your business needs.

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