Carb-o-Prof® – Boost Efficiency with Intelligent Controls

Ipsen's Carb-o-Prof® software combines more than six decades of knowledge and expertise in a single controls system. Specially designed for the computation and execution of various heat treatment processes, it provides the flexibility needed to measure, analyze and enhance your equipment and processes with ease. Carb-o-Prof also delivers an extensive recipe database, time- and cost-saving simulator with C-Profile optimization and adaptive control that ensures you get the best part quality every time.  

Simulation Software

Users are able to compute the expected carbon profile of their materials, as well as immediately review the process results for their specific load - all without wasting valuable parts, time or resources.

C-Profile Optimization

Using pre-specified target parameters, users can define a target carbon-content curve. This ensures parts within the same load are consistent in both case depth and hardness.

Adaptive Control

If some unforeseen event occurs, this intuitive controls software adapts the process to the changing circumstances, preventing the waste of parts and resources.

Recipe Database

This system's database allows users to easily create and store hundreds of recipes, all based on a wide variety of materials. The program also helps you avoid errors by limiting the input ranges, thus maintaining a safe operation.

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