Through the efficient use of energy and resources, the AutoMag® software program allows you to automate batch treatments, thus optimizing reliability and simplifying operations. 

Ipsen's AutoMag automation package maximizes utilization of several heat-treat cells for true "lights-out" operation. This customizable software will integrate multiple units, such as TQ and I/O furnaces, tempers, washers and automatic material-handling equipment. The package includes a scheduling simulation program, equipment utilization reports, quality control reports, maintenance and tracking of the workload through the heat-treat cell. 

Additionally, AutoMag:

  • Controls and tracks transport, handling and treatment of multiple individual loads
  • Monitors and logs the current status and stage of each treatment process and furnace/support unit
  • Archives process histories, user-defined load data and customer-specific information
  • Recalls archived or database information for programming, reporting, analysis or troubleshooting
  • Creates equipment utilization and quality control reports 
  • Tracks maintenance requirements
  • Tests desired load management with a scheduling simulation program

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