Optimizing Thermal Processing Operations with Predictive Maintenance

By examining the emergence of predictive maintenance as a tool for analyzing future maintenance needs, one can better understand how companies are to successfully increase production and optimize operations.
Utilize predictive maintenance

Obtaining Nadcap Accreditation: Helping You Pass Your Audit

The Nadcap accreditation process and AMS standards play a key role in ensuring those utilizing special processes and heat treating parts for the Aerospace industry adhere to consistent, high-quality standards for Aerospace products.
Understand Nadcap accreditation

Stay Ahead of the Curve with Advanced Controls Technology

Perfecting your thermal processing operations is paramount to producing high-quality products. By maintaining control, you can achieve this optimization, which ultimately leads to the ideal performance of your heat-treating equipment.
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Optimizing Case-Depth Uniformity in High-Quality Gears: An In-Depth Study of AvaC

For the vacuum carburizing process to produce superior part quality, the carburizing process and influencing parameters, such as uniformity of heating and quality of equipment utilized, need to be analyzed and optimized.
Optimize case-depth uniformity

Tips to Keep the Heart of Your Vacuum Furnace System Healthy and Pumping

You can get the best performance out of your vacuum furnace by selecting the most appropriate pumping system for your specific process and by following a few simple tips for your vacuum furnace maintenance.
Keep your pumps running and healthy

Make Your Atmosphere Furnace Work for You: Tips of the Trade

When carburizing and quenching parts, it is essential to achieve uniformity of temperature and gassing, optimize flow and aim for ideal quench speeds and heat extraction. This allows you to produce high-quality parts with ...
Enhance your processes

Atmosphere Q&A: A Firsthand Look at Ipsen’s ATLAS

Ipsen's Atmosphere Products Manager sits down for a Q&A interview, giving us a firsthand look at Ipsen’s single-chain, in-out style ATLAS furnace. This integral-quench furnace has a load size of 36” x 48” x 38” (W x L x H) and features ...
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Aerospace Aluminum Brazing and Compliance: Meeting AMS 2750E and Nadcap Certifications

Removing the fear from the phrase, Aerospace Aluminum Brazing and Compliance, can be significantly simplified with increased knowledge, understanding and proper implementation.
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Key Features and Components of High-Performance Vacuum MIM Sintering Furnaces

Throughout the last few decades, the use of complex MIM parts has expanded into a wide range of diverse applications and industries. The growing demand for high-quality components with tighter geometrical tolerances has triggered ...
Discover key features and components

Mexico’s Automobile Industry Powers Forward, Ipsen and Imesaza Aid Expansion

Ipsen, the industry leader in heat treatment equipment, is working hand in hand with major suppliers from the European Automotive industry to successfully expand into Latin America’s most interesting market: Mexico.
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Ipsen Delivers Three-Row Pusher Furnace with Small Footprint to Mercedes-Benz

Ipsen recently created and delivered a special atmosphere heat-treating system to Mercedes-Benz. The three-row Pusher system requires comparatively less floor space and power consumption, upholding Ipsen’s reputation for high performance.
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Manufacturer's Guide to Heat Treating Large Gears

The large gears found in mining, steel, construction and energy applications need to tackle the greatest production demands. This means that a special emphasis must be put on the heat treating methods used. So what process works best and why?

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Nickel Brazing - A TITAN Case Study...

The TITAN furnace combines efficiency with versatility utilizing a flow-production process that integrates premium components. But just how versatile is the TITAN? Are customers’ needs being met? We turned to commercial heat treater Rockford Heat Treaters, Inc. for answers.
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Partnering in Additive Manufacturing

As part of an initiative to streamline production in the field of Additive Manufacturing and offer customers a complete three-dimensional (3-D) printing package, Ipsen and a global provider of 3-D printing machines and printed products began a partnership in 2013.

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Close Process Control Yields Nitriding Consistency, Repeatability

The development of process sensors and computer control systems has proven to be valuable for nitriding programs, improving both nitriding and nitrocarburizing process consistency and repeatability.

Improve your process control

Bright Tempering: Achieving High-Quality Appearance During Tempering

Cleanliness and efficiency are of the utmost importance when tempering. So what can be done to prevent discoloration? This paper analyzes what matters most when putting materials through the tempering process.
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Anything but Dirty

Combined with a strong focus on retaining such highly-skilled staff, today many firms create manufacturing jobs that defy the image of greasy shop floors, hard physical labor, and a lack of perspective. A case in point is Ipsen, a manufacturer of innovative thermal processing technologies.

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Flexible Innovation

In today’s production environment, customers want tasks carried out as quickly as possible and according to precise instructions, meaning manufacturers often have to make parts that are not planned. As such, flexibility is an important aspect in heat treatment.

Commit to innovation

Redefining Quenching Technology

As metallurgical technology seeks to ever improve and provide heat-treating solutions, dry gas quenching stands out as the best match for industry needs. In this paper, authors examine why defining gas quenching in bar pressure no longer applies and why ...
Redefine quenching technology