Additive Manufacturing

Fast-track your process from prototype to production with a furnace designed to meet your AM application requirements.
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Aluminum Vapor Deposition

Ion Vapor Deposition (IVD) is a process used to apply a pure aluminum coating to parts to improve corrosion protection.
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Brazing is a metal-joining process in which two or more materials are joined when a filler metal is drawn into the joint by capillary action.
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Carbonitriding is a case hardening process used to increase wear resistance and surface hardness of metal parts.
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Debinding & Sintering

Debinding & Sintering is a heat-treating process required for many applications, including powder metallurgy, metal injection molding (MIM) and 3D printing.
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Nitriding & Nitrocarburizing

Nitriding is a case hardening process that diffuses nitrogen into the surface of a metal, most commonly low-carbon, low-alloy steels.
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Vacuum Carburizing with Acetylene (AvaC)

Vacuum Carburizing with Acetylene (AvaC) is a case hardening process exclusive to Ipsen that provides increased carbon transfer, reduced process time, and improved part quality.
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