Ipsen Awarded U.S. Patent on a Loading System for a Large Vacuum Heat-Treating Furnace

June 5, 2014

CHERRY VALLEY, IL - Ipsen was recently awarded U.S. Patent No. 8,662,888 B2 for the development of a new loading system. Chief Engineer Craig Moller, the named inventor on the patent, began formulating this design five years ago for use with a large vacuum heat-treating furnace, which was used by a company in the Aerospace industry

With this invention, Ipsen solved one of the inherent problems associated with the design of car bottom loading systems: the need to disconnect the heating elements each time the system is used. Ipsen's loading system functions as an alternative with its ability to leave the furnace's heating elements intact in the bottom of the hot zone.

The newly patented system contains other notable elements, including: unrestricted length or load weight and jackscrew mechanisms that gently raise and lower loads onto the hearth to avoid any potential damage. To view a video of the loading system entering a large vacuum furnace and utilizing these jackscrew mechanisms, visit http://youtu.be/zUqZfsnfIL4. The loading system also uses wheels that permit sideways movements, allowing it to function as a cross-transfer unit between furnaces. The loader's sideways position is further accomplished with encoder strips mounted in the floor.

In addition to these options, the system incorporates advanced safety features. By utilizing scanning lasers, the operator is able to prevent the loader from running over anything in its path. This helps prevent unnecessary damage to valuable equipment or injuries to employees.

Ipsen is proud to add this newly patented loading system to its long list of reliable, innovative creations as our Team continuously engineers and manufactures advanced, highly technical technologies for unique or special applications. With more than 120 approved and 50 pending patents worldwide, Ipsen's loading system is just one invention among many that helps improve customers' day-to-day operations. Learn more about Ipsen's product offerings by visiting www.IpsenUSA.com/products.