Ipsen sold their 100th TITAN Vacuum Furnace, and to celebrate they decided to spoof Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe" with their rendition, "Call Me TITAN." For more about the TITAN Vacuum Furnace, call us maybe... Enjoy!
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Experience TITAN

Customers often ask us, "What's TITAN like?" So we put together this TITAN H6 vacuum furnace walk-around guided by one of our field service experts. This video walks you through the TITAN and how it's laid out.
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VOQ Furnace for Aircraft Landing Gear

The purpose of the model is to demonstrate what the process of a vacuum liquid quench furnace. This particular model has an underground quench tank and the moving parts are operated by pneumatic cylinders.
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ATLAS Batch Furnace – Single-Chain Model

Ipsen's ATLAS atmosphere line brings together the best of both worlds, combining the achievements of past atmosphere furnaces with the evolutionary innovations of the future – incredibly advanced, energy‐efficient ...
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ATLAS Batch Furnace – Virtual Tour

The ATLAS Virtual Tour provides a close-up look at the features, benefits and technological advantages of the ATLAS single-chain, batch atmosphere furnace. This video showcases the inner-workings of the ...
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