Stokes/Edwards Vacuum Pumps

Stokes Microvac 412J Mechanical Pump

Stokes Microvac 212J Mechanical Pump

Stokes Microvac 412J Rotary Piston Pump
412J 230/460V, 3Ø, 60Hz (230/460V Coil)

Stokes Microvac 212J Rotary Piston Pump
212J 230/460V, 3Ø, 60Hz (230/460V Coil)

615 MHR Horizontal Flow Booster Pump

Edwards Dry Vacuum Pump

615 MHR Horizontal Flow Booster Pump
GXS450/2600 Mechanical Dry Pump and Booster Pump

Time-Tested Vacuum Pumps for Robust, Reliable Operations and Maximum Uptime

The Microvac 412J and 212J are self-contained, rotary, oil-sealed piston pump. Designed for efficiency and space-savings, the Stokes Microvac rotary piston pump has been improved, upgraded, and fine-tuned to deliver even better dependability and productivity, combined with minimal maintenance and process downtime.

The 615 MHR horizontal flow booster pump is designed to be used in conjunction with a rotary piston pump, like the Microvac, to increase pumping speed at working pressures and significantly shorten pump-down time. Featuring an extra-large diameter shaft, the 6" Superblower can be used with higher powered motors, ensuring rugged and durable performance.

The GXS450/2600 dry pump provides several advantages, including lower cost and maintenance requirements, no oil disposal or emissions, no backstreaming and less noise.

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Ipsen also has an extensive inventory of spare parts, including oil, filters and seals, and field service or technical support for your vacuum pumping system.