Ipsen Atmosphere Furnace Retrofits

Atmosphere and Vacuum Furnace Retrofits

Enhancing your furnace's performance is easy when Ipsen's experienced Retrofit Specialists work with you to determine your exact needs and deliver the right solution quickly.

Advancements in technologies are engineered to improve furnace performance and efficiency. These improvements are offered as upgrades, retrofits and rebuild packages to customers who need precise carbon sensing for greater control, better surface appearance, faster cycle time or other specified requirements.

Vacuum Retrofit Packages

  • Pumping system upgrades
  • Heat exchanger upgrade
  • Diffusion pump upgrades
  • Vacuum gauge upgrades
  • Addition of inert gases
  • Bung kits
  • Convection heating upgrade
  • AvaC® - acetylene vacuum carburizing upgrade
  • Control upgrades and modifications
  • Furnace door actuator upgrades
  • Hearth upgrades
  • Motor upgrades (TEFC)
  • Chamber modifications and replacement
  • Furnace trim control modifications
  • Step-down transformer

Atmosphere Retrofit Packages 

  • Recon® III Burner upgrade
  • Belt-driven fan package
  • Door upgrades
  • Refractory reline
  • Nitrogen purge system
  • Gas train switches and valves
  • Heavy-duty pilot assembly
  • Air valve manifold assembly
  • Quench rack limit switch assembly
  • Oil float assembly
  • Endogenerator gas assembly
  • Control panel upgrades
  • Air/oil heat exchanger
  • Burner pilot and radiant tube pilots
  • Latest AMS and NFPA requirements

For Retrofit Sales Engineering, please contact Dan Binz at Dan.Binz@IpsenUSA.com or call +1 815-332-2568.

Download the Ipsen Retrofit Brochure (PDF)