Supervisory Control and Data Aquisition (SCADA) System 

Ipsen's Supervisory Control and Data Aquisition (SCADA) system provides users with advanced furnace functionality, monitoring, reporting and analysis. A SCADA system allows users to capture and trend data, as well as provides the ability to log process data for future review. The system monitors vacuum levels and temperature, and it displays up to five main screens and their associated submenus, giving operators the ability to monitor and control several pieces of equipment at once. 

The SCADA system's intuitive design maximizes operator control using a user-friendly graphical interface and a highly advanced intelligence core to create a full-scale solution center. End users can view, alter and measure furnace data, as well as manage operational settings of multiple furnaces at once. The menu-driven screens permit operators to easily create, edit, store and execute process recipes on the fly. 

Features of Ipsen's SCADA system include: 

  • Simultaneous, multi-task trending
  • Rigorous data collection
  • Dynamic recipe generation
  • Intuitive, flexible reporting
  • Tailored functionality, including:
    • Record cycle time
    • Track forced cooling duration
    • Adjust and control start sequence
    • Back up trend data
    • Access data by date
    • Create historical backups

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Download the SCADA Sell Sheet (PDF)