Aftermarket Rebuilds: Large, Special Projects Provide Custom Solutions

Leading the industry with more than 10,000 systems installed worldwide, Ipsen has the experience necessary to provide optimum technology that allows customers to achieve maximum flexibility and meet strict industry demands. If you have a complex or challenging need that goes beyond one of our existing products, Ipsen has the capacity, resources, engineering knowledge and design expertise to deliver the aftermarket rebuild of your dreams for atmosphere or vacuum furnaces.

Turning Ideas into Reality

Ipsen excels at engineering and manufacturing innovative, highly technical thermal processing systems for unique or special applications. If, for instance, your process requires a custom heat-treating solution, our world-class Engineering Team has the experience and the resources to design and deliver an aftermarket rebuild that allows your system to perform virtually any specialized job. Various aftermarket options can also be selected based on user needs or requirements; for example, we can provide manual or automatic loading systems based on load and speed requirements.

With nearly 70 years of experience, Ipsen has become more than just an equipment manufacturer. We provide large, specialized equipment that integrates with your entire operation - whether it is refining your processes or providing innovative, custom aftermarket rebuilds. In addition to providing one-of-a-kind designs for specialized processes and requirements, the aftermarket ICS (Ipsen Customer Service) Team also supports any brand of vacuum or atmosphere furnace and assists with plant layout optimization, material handling systems, ancillary equipment and much more.

Undergoing the Collaborative Process 
Here at Ipsen, one of our primary focuses is the customer experience. As part of this, when you call to discuss your needs with the ICS Team, our technical experts work with you to determine the best fit for your process, parts and budget.

After beginning the collaborative process and discussing your process requirements, design goals, timeline and budget, we bring in a Technical Sales Representative, the Engineering Team and other Ipsen Team members that can provide valuable input on your project to come up with an initial proposal. It is this extensive work and collaboration during the initial quote to ensure the project scope is fully defined and agreed upon that makes the high-quality end result possible.

From there, we review the suggested proposal with you and talk through each aspect to make sure it will fully meet your needs. Once we've decided on the full scope of the project together, that's when the real work begins. Starting with a dedicated Project Management Team that's focused on making sure the project meets your timeline, the Ipsen Team works together to provide a fully engineered solution that meets all process, specification, budget and timeline requirements.

Once the project build starts, you can rest assured knowing that the care and attention-to-detail experienced throughout the quotation and engineering process makes for a smooth transition to the build. During the manufacturing process, the entire system undergoes strict quality control measures to ensure the final product delivers optimum results. You also gain piece of mind knowing we are here to support you and your equipment into the future. Once the equipment arrives at your facility, our ICS Team can perform the installation, as well as provide startup support and any needed training.

Providing a Quality Customer Experience 
Our ICS Team follows this process for all projects they work on – whether it's a fully customized aftermarket solution or a standard upgrade to the equipment – and we take great pride in putting the customer experience first. This focus is reflected in a final product that highlights the Ipsen quality and craftsmanship for which we are so well known.