Whether it's parts, service, hot zones, upgrades, retrofits, special projects, controls, Ipsen U education, or the support helpline, our aftermarket service support team is here to help keep your furnace running at peak performance.

ICS Aftermarket Support and Services for Vacuum and Atmosphere Furnaces

At Ipsen, we are committed to being your partner in success. We've been around for nearly 70 years, so you can feel reassured that we will be here to keep your furnace running for decades to come. Our ICS (Ipsen Customer Service) Team provides comprehensive aftermarket support and services every step of the way, from retrofits, hot zones, controls and mechanical upgrades, parts, service and technical support to assistance with developing your process, factory layout planning and integration with current production processes and factory operating systems. We know that obtaining precise process and metallurgical results is essential. This is why we focus on process research and development - as well as on providing advanced customer support, training and process testing - to ensure you obtain the desired results.

Aftermarket Support for Any Brand of Heat-Treating System

Whatever your needs are, though, our ICS Team is here to support you. Whether that means providing the exact same thing you've always had or customizing equipment to fit your needs, we are there for you throughout the entire process and beyond. We can also work with any brand of vacuum or atmosphere furnace, as well as assist with plant layout optimization, material handling systems and much more. 

Expanded Aftermarket Support and Services

You can count on our responsive ICS Team to help keep your equipment running at peak performance and minimize costly downtime through upgrades, retrofits, parts, maintenance, service and training. No matter where you are in the world, any time you need aftermarket support our ICS Team is available to advise you on your specific situation, as well as provide the necessary solutions. The ICS Team also provides user-friendly services that allow you to easily, and quickly, receive the aftermarket support you need. Some of these expanded initiatives include:

  1. Aftermarket Support Helpline: 1-844-Go-Ipsen
    The Aftermarket Support Helpline offers immediate support for ordering parts, scheduling service and receiving technical support for your furnace, software and controls.
  2. Quick Shipment of Parts
    Ipsen has many high-use, high-turnover replacement parts that you can order and receive quickly. You can order parts or request a quote through our Parts Quote Form.

Local and Global Aftermarket Support

Our ICS Team is the largest in the industry and provides fast, immediate support to customer's facilities. As part of our comprehensive support, we have designated Regional Service Centers located across the United States, which are in place to support our customers' needs locally. They are equipped with Regional Managers and highly skilled Field Service Engineers that offer immediate support for our customers. We also have dedicated personnel, including a global network of 120+ Service Technicians that provide support to our international customers. Find a local Regional Service Manager.

Of course, with the diverse industries and customers we serve, every partnership looks a bit different. Some of our customers have their own maintenance teams, and they just need us to send parts at certain intervals to keep their preventative maintenance programs supported. Where a partnership comes into play with this type of customer is in the research and development side of their business. When they have a new, innovative product that they need heat treated, we work with them to create a furnace that meets their specific needs - size, temperature, pressure, process and so on.

Other customers enlist our ICS Team to be a part of their team. As such, we assist them with all of their preventative maintenance, any special needs they may have for retrofits and upgrades on older units and, of course, any innovative, custom equipment they might also need.

In the end, our customers receive the best aftermarket support and can relax knowing our years of experience have given us the tools to keep their equipment operating at peak performance.