The Ipsen Project Management (PM) Team works tirelessly from the first day of a project through the final sign off and acceptance. They actively manage all new furnaces and retrofit projects through the design, build, testing and installation phases and operate as the centralized point of contact between customers and internal teams. Their goal is to meet customer expectations by planning, organizing and tracking each project efficiently and in a professional manner.

The dedicated attention to each project is what sets Ipsen apart from other manufacturers. Ipsen knows that customers are making a huge commitment when selecting a partner to work with, and every PM is committed to making your project a success by completing it on time, within budget and to the highest quality standards. 

Adam C. Larson, PMP
Manager - Project Management  
Emily Hamilton
Project Manager

In 2006, Adam started as a Project Engineer for Ipsen, and spent his first few years dedicated to working on custom furnace projects for some of Ipsen's largest customers - most of whom had specific requirements and needed to adhere to strict uniformity requirements and AMS and UL specifications. Adam's workload expanded to include all custom furnaces, and in 2013 he was promoted to Manager of the Project Management Team. 

Under Adam's leadership, every new equipment and retrofit project is assigned to a dedicated member of the Project Management Team. He works to ensure a robust, repeatable process is maintained throughout each project for an exceptional customer experience and successful project outcomes.  

Outside of work, Adam enjoys time with his wife and two children. He also is an avid Bocce player and weight lifter.  

Emily joined Ipsen in 2012 as a Mechanical Engineer after earning a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from NIU. Her early responsibilities included designing hot zones and control cabinets. In 2014, Emily transitioned into the role of Project Manager. Today, she has more than 6,700 hours of project management experience and is currently overseeing first-time furnace and retrofit builds for customers in the Aerospace and Defense industries.

In addition to managing projects, Emily is an internal ISO auditor and part of a special team dedicated to continuous improvement. She also helped to develop project management standards to ensure projects are built to the highest quality standards and to create a repeatable process for aftermarket projects.

Emily continues her involvement with her alma mater's College of Engineering Department by representing Ipsen at job fairs and as an industry judge for Senior Design projects.

Shena Schultz
Project Manager  

Shena started with Ipsen in 2011 as an International Sales Engineer to develop and expand vacuum furnaces in Europe. In 2013, she returned to Ipsen USA as a Sales Manager for Aftermarket Services, before transitioning to her current position as Project Manager. Shena brings more than a decade of experience in sales and management to the Project Management Team. 

Shena has managed a variety of projects, including retrofits, TITAN furnaces and custom units. In a three-year timeframe, she successfully managed more than 50 new furnace projects by communicating updates with the customer, managing the timeline and budget and verifying milestones to ensure a successful outcome. Many of her projects are new TITAN and custom furnaces, but she recently worked on several control cabinet retrofit projects and organized a record-setting number of shipments within a two-month timeframe.  

After earning a bachelor's degree in Foreign Language and International Trade with a minor in German, Shena went on to complete her master's degree in International Relations. She is currently working on her Advanced Project Management certification and plans to take the PMP test in the fall. When not at work, Shena loves spending time with her daughter, husband and dog. She enjoys snowboarding, swimming, running and playing racquetball.