Our Story

Backed by more than 70 years of experience, it is our mission to strengthen heat treatment through expert-driven solutions.

Like our founder, Harold Ipsen, we believe innovation drives excellence. We are committed to delivering proven technology for a range of applications that enable you to transform space exploration, improve titanium medical implants and develop more efficient cars and jet engines. Through our global partnerships, we are able to provide unmatched service and support for all of your needs.


Harold Ipsen founded Ipsen in 1948 with a vision of creating products and technologies that continuously push the boundaries of innovation to create a future of thermal processing excellence. With more than thirty patents to his credit – and more than 100 patents held by Ipsen today – these inventions have revolutionized the heat-treating industry. Harold Ipsen's commitment to advancing technology is the inspiration behind our vision for the future; a future where we continue to strengthen and accelerate innovations in almost every industry.

Today, Harold Ipsen's legacy of innovation still lives on in all that we create. Whether it is our versatile heat treatment systems or advanced process technology, we aspire to provide cutting-edge solutions that continuously improve and refine your operations. One of our latest advancements is the PdMetrics® software platform, which we created to integrate with the Internet of Things and Industry 4.0. This software platform surpasses current technology, allowing you to incorporate predictive maintenance capabilities and gather data that provides valuable insights.


At the core of our solutions are atmosphere and vacuum heat-treating systems and supervisory controls systems, which are used in many mission-critical applications. This advanced equipment is developed for Aerospace, Automotive, Energy, Medical, Tool & Die and various industries across the globe.

Leading our industry with more than 10,000 systems installed worldwide, we have the experience necessary to provide optimum technology that allows you to achieve maximum flexibility and meet strict industry demands. We offer global modular platforms, as well as custom designs for specialized processes and requirements. Available in a wide range of sizes, our atmosphere and vacuum systems deliver versatility of processes, including annealing, brazing, hardening, low-pressure carburizing, solution nitriding, stress relieving and tempering. Over the years, we have become more than just an equipment manufacturer. We now provide solutions that integrate with your entire operation – whether it's refining your processes or providing integrated supervisory systems.


We also provide comprehensive service and support every step of the way, including assistance with developing your process, factory layout planning and integration with current production processes and factory operating systems. We know that obtaining precise process and metallurgical results is essential. This is why we focus on process research and development – as well as on providing advanced customer support, training and process testing – to ensure you obtain the desired results.

You can also count on our responsive Ipsen Customer Service (ICS) Team to help keep your equipment running at peak performance and minimize costly downtime through upgrades, retrofits, parts, maintenance, service and training. No matter where you are in the world, any time you need support our ICS Team is available to advise you on your specific situation, as well as provide the necessary solutions.

With an extensive network of global locations and partnerships in America, Europe and Asia, along with representation in 34 countries, we continue to provide expert-driven solutions that strengthen heat treatment throughout the world.