TITAN's simple-to-master control system operates in most languages, switches easily between units of measure, provides real-time data acquisition, trending and archiving, and stores up to 1,000 recipes.
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Boasting advanced technology and hundreds of installations worldwide, Ipsen's TurboTreater system continues to set the industry standard for fast cooling rates and high-pressure gas quenching.
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Achieve powerful performance, experience cutting-edge technology and utilize predictive maintenance capabilities in a single, compact vacuum furnace: the TITAN 2.0.
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The Ipsen Turbo²Treater furnace features high quench speeds and uniform cooling and heating, continuing to set new standards in quality, versatility and efficiency.
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The TITAN LT combines cleanliness and efficiency through the use of both vacuum and convection heating, allowing users to repeatedly achieve bright, clean work and fast process times.
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The robust design and superior technology of the SuperTurbo helps to decrease energy consumption, saving both time and money, in addition to reducing maintenance worries and expenses.
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TITAN DS - Debind and Sinter

Ipsen's new debinding and sintering furnace, TITAN DS, upholds our reputation for quality, better performance and better features for less cost, as well as enables higher volume in-house sintering.
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The TinyTurbo vacuum furnace minimizes floorspace for easier integration into manufacturing cells, as well as brings fast door-to-door performance for a wide range of applications.
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While materials and processes change, the MetalMaster vacuum furnace continues to combine high-quality performance with proven technology that yields repeatable results.
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The VerticalTurbo provides users with the best of both worlds: improved uniformity of large production parts during heat-up and cool-down segments and space-saving benefits.
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A unique dual vacuum pump design that combines two steps - debinding and sintering - into one cycle, one furnace, without contamination of the components, furnace chamber or hot zone.
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VFS Vacuum Furnaces: HEQ Series

When you want superior results, the HEQ vacuum furnace rises to the occasion. Built upon years of tradition, this furnace offers both optimum performance and ease of use.
VFS vacuum external quench

VFS Vacuum Furnaces: HIQ Series

A tradition of excellence forms the backbone of the HIQ vacuum furnace, which is engineered to deliver greater efficiency and faster quenching capabilities.
VFS vacuum internal quench

Vacuum Aluminum Brazing Furnace

All vacuum brazing furnaces feature individually controlled heating elements that surround the work zone minimizing cycle time and providing precise, uniform heating of the workload.
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Ivadizer - Ion Vapor Deposition Equipment

Ipsen Ivadizer plating equipment uses ion vapor deposition to apply a dense, high-performance coating of aluminum with superior adhesion and thickness uniformity.
Ion vapor deposition coating

Vacuum Oil or Gas Quench Furnaces (VOQ)

The two-chamber design of the VOQ can meet all of your changing application needs. The user can select quenching with either oil or inert gas (up to 2-bar positive pressure).
Vacuum oil or gas quench furnaces

Vacuum Carburizing with Acetylene - AvaC

One of the most important advantages of this process is high carbon availability, ensuring extremely homogenous carburizing even for complex geometries and very high load densities.
Vacuum carburizing with acetylene

Custom Engineered Vacuum Furnaces

For more than 65 years, Ipsen has been turning ideas into realities by engineering advanced custom thermal processing systems for everything from simple tools to giant wind turbine gears.
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New Furnaces Available with Short Lead Times

When your requirement for a new vacuum or atmosphere furnace system arises, we may have what you're looking for available with short lead times and/or ready for immediate shipment.
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Vacuum Software

Ipsen's hardware and software solutions for vacuum furnaces result in more efficient and reliable equipment.
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