The Ipsen AutoMag® automation package maximizes utilization of several heat treat cells for true "lights-out" operation. This customizable software will integrate multiple units such as TQ and I/O furnaces, tempers, washers and automatic material handling equipment. The package includes a scheduling simulation program, equipment utilization reports, quality control reports, maintenance, and tracking of the workload through the heat treat cell.

  • Controls and tracks transport, handling and treatment of multiple individual loads
  • Monitors and logs the current status and stage of each treatment process and furnace/ support unit
  • Archives process histories, user-defined load data, and customer-specific information
  • Recalls archived or database information for programming, reporting, analysis or troubleshooting
  • Creates equipment utilization and quality control reports
  • Tracks maintenance requirements
  • Tests desired load management with scheduling simulation program
Efficiency with HybridCarb®

Ipsen's ATLAS® internal quench furnace delivers a more efficient solution than traditional atmosphere heat treating with the use of the unique HybridCarb - an ultra-efficient gassing system designed to replace endothermic generators and other gassing systems. Its core strength is precision gas control. Instead of burning excess gas off, the process gas is reconditioned and reused, increasing efficiency up to 90%. Other benefits of HybridCarb include:

  • Quick and easy hookup
  • Increased carburizing efficiency
  • Improved hardness uniformity
  • Significantly less expensive to operate than endogenerators
  • Consumes significantly less gas
  • Environmentally friendly and cost efficient

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Download Technical Data Sheet for ATLAS (PDF)