Ipsen delivers uniformity

What do you get when you combine intelligence and quality? An atmosphere furnace that is state-of-the-art in both hardware and software. Cunning innovations like the HybridCarb® gas processing technology that help you save energy and resources, and clever interfaces that give you comprehensive control over all aspects of heat treatment. The new Ipsen ATLAS® is a highly intelligent system that reduces your workload and produces efficient and highly uniform results - heat treatment doesn't get smarter than this.

Ipsen's ATLAS integral quench furnaces are highly engineered, sophisticated machines that are easy to operate and maintain, all while being extremely cost effective. ATLAS delivers top quality uniformity through cutting-edge technology and design.

See photos of ATLAS installed at Dokka Fasteners, Auburn Hills, Michigan.

Read about the ATLAS installation at Dokka Fasteners.


The Ipsen Carb-O-Prof system fully automates control of the carburizing process and controls the time necessary to obtain a specific carbon case depth. The user simply supplies the actual alloy and temperature information, and the computer automatically adjusts temperature and atmosphere parameters for optimum performance.

Download PDF for Carb-o-Prof 

Muffle System

Our patented Muffle system, durable insulating firebrick lining and silicon carbide hearth all work together to create uniform, efficient processing of the load.

Recon® Burners

Heating is also enhanced with our Recon burners, single ended recuperated tubes (SERT), which attain high thermal efficiency of up to nearly 80%, by using the exhaust flow to recover waste heat and reducing time to recovery. Distinguished by low noise levels, high durability, low maintenance and easy installation, Ipsen's Recon burners provide ideal heating.


Most processes can't improve the qualities of every kind of steel. Ipsen's SuperQuench can. SuperQuench provides an oil bath for the heat treatment of widely varying steel grades, even slightly alloyed steels. Thanks to larger propellers, stronger drive motors and optimized baffling, it can tackle even the most challenging alloys. Up to four motors per frequency converter can be continuously regulated - at up to four times the speed of conventional motors. In addition, each individual circulator has been allocated a separate flow control system, so that the entire charge is reliably, uniformly and quickly cooled.

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Safety and Reliability

Ipsen's ATLAS furnaces are water-free, and contain double-walled quench tanks with built in detectors for maximum safety.

All of this teamed with highly intelligent, yet easy to use controls, allows ATLAS to deliver excellence in uniformity and efficiency. Carb-o-Prof provides you with your very own electronic metallurgist. Using Carb-o-Prof process software increases repeatability and uniformity, which allows you to produce higher quality parts.

Commitment to Innovation

ATLAS and our entire product line are backed by more than 60 years of experience and expertise. Each year Ipsen invests in research and development allowing us to deliver the quality equipment and service heat treaters need to be successful.

At Ipsen we believe that innovation drives excellence. Our dedicated research and development team - Team Innovation - is constantly pushing the boundary of possibilities and dreaming a future of thermal processing excellence. Our innovations bring opportunities to the industries of Aerospace, Automotive, Medical and Energy, where each commercial or in-house heat treater strives for excellence.

World Class Service and Support

Count on Ipsen's responsive Aftermarket Support team to help you get winning performance from all your heat treating equipment. From parts and service to retrofits and training, we can provide you with everything you need to be successful.

  • Parts and service for atmosphere and vacuum furnaces
  • Hot zones, retrofits and upgrades
  • Thermal processing and furnace operation/maintenance training
  • Global service and support networks
  • Equipment installation, relocation and start-up services

Ipsen's ATLAS internal quench furnace is the latest in a long history of innovation, a legacy of firsts. The Ipsen ATLAS furnace was carefully engineered to create a quality atmosphere furnace at an affordable price by developing an efficient design that could provide maximum uniformity and repeatability. For more information on ATLAS internal quench furnaces visit www.IpsenUSA.com, call 800.727.7625 or email ATLAS@IpsenUSA.com.

To discuss your atmosphere furnace requirements, contact Rene Alquicer, Sales Manager - Atmosphere Products.

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